Information that will be useful for the smooth running of your stay in the Chamonix valley but also in our establishment.

We are very concerned about global warming, and the environment in general, so please take these small steps. Together let's reduce our environmental impact on a daily basis.

 When I'm stationary I turn off my engine (CO2 emissions). In winter, I defrost the windscreen of my vehicle with a scraper, and I only switch on my vehicle when I am ready to leave. Air quality is a priority in our valleys, thank you for helping us take care of it.

 I sort my rubbish carefully: for many years the town of Chamonix has set up "moloks" for selective sorting. These moloks are located 50 metres from the campsite, exit the campsite on the left and go down the route des Tissières. The sorting area is on your left opposite the Les Cimes campsite. Everything must be deposited in bulk except non-recyclable waste. Thank you for your help.

 Energy and water the challenges of tomorrow. Please consume responsibly. In winter, do not leave windows open and make sure to close the doors of the bathrooms.

Getting around the Chamonix valley:

The town of Chamonix provides a free bus and train service between Servoz and Vallorcine. On your arrival we will give you a guest card which allows you to use all the public transport in the valley (this card also gives you the right to some small reductions in certain structures in the town). There are two main bus routes close to the campsite.

 Line 1 (Les Houches - Les Praz) is 200 metres away and the name of the stop is Les Montquarts. At the exit of the campsite turn left, go down the route des Tissières to the roundabout, the bus stop is on the left of the roundabout for the direction of Les Houches, and on the right for the direction of Chamonix and Argentiere. Buses run every 30 minutes.

 Line 2 (Les Bossons-Le Tour) is 50 metres away and the name of your stop is Tissières. At the exit of the campsite turn left, go down the road to Tissières, the stop is on the right before the bridge on the access ramp to the white road (note that the stop on the left next to the waste collection centre is for the return journey only). The buses run every 30 minutes.

 The SNCF station in Les Bossons is 500 metres from the campsite. At the exit of the campsite turn left, go down the route des Tissières, at the roundabout turn right towards Chamonix, the station is a little further on your left. Please note that the train is free between Servoz and Vallorcine, if you go beyond this section you will have to pay the full price of the ticket.

 When the weather is good you can easily cycle around the valley. The cycle track is 100 metres away. Turn left out of the campsite, down the route des Tissières, the cycle path is on the right (towards Chx) after the little chapel or on the left (towards Les Houches).

Stay connected if you wish
WIFI Network: les 2 glaciers Password: 7440074400

Sanitary blocks:
The campsite is equipped with 2 sanitary blocks, the first one is in the basement of the reception chalet. In this block you will find the drying room, the laundry and the ironing area.
A second sanitary block is located in the large chalet further up the grounds. Both blocks are equipped with showers, washbasins, sinks, laundry tubs, toilets, urinals and chemical toilet bowls. They are also closed and heated in winter or when the weather
when the weather requires it.
Depending on the number of facilities on site we may decide to open only one of the two toilet blocks, or both partially.
Our teams do their utmost to keep the sanitary facilities in a good state of cleanliness, we thank you for respecting the premises and leaving them clean after your visit. Please do not hesitate to let us know when something needs to be improved.

Traffic in the campsite :
There are no restrictions, you can drive freely around the campsite at any time, but it is imperative that you always drive under 10 km/h, and avoid slamming the doors if you leave early or arrive late.

Water points and grey water drainage:
The grounds are equipped with several water points located along the main paths. In winter, and sometimes even early spring or autumn, the weather conditions unfortunately do not allow us to use them (freezing). Don't panic, there are always solutions even if it may seem more complicated, come and see us at the reception and we will explain how to fill up the water.
For grey water drainage there is a grate in the alleyway parallel to the main alleyway opposite the restaurant, we will do our best to ensure that it can be used all year round.

Dogs are allowed on the campsite, but must be kept on a lead.

For more information, we are at your disposal and will do our best to meet your expectations. The opening hours of the reception change throughout the year, so please refer to the opening hours displayed at the entrance.
Thank you for choosing to stay in our establishment and we wish you an excellent stay.